About LDS

Leadership Development Society (LDS) The venture of the Thamarassery Diocese started for forming leaders for tomorrow who join hands with god and people to heal our broken world. The organization was registered as a society; under the society’s registration act of 1860 (Reg.No:KKD/CA/1055/2012).The aim of this is to work for the spiritual, cultural, economical, educational and social development of both in organized and unorganized sectors, well being of their families and including tribal families.

We promote welfare schemes such as pension schemes, insurance schemes and other Government and semi Government schemes for the unorganized groups like farmers, tailors, shop keepers, domestic workers, building workers, rubber tappers, drivers, handicrafts workers, office bearers, teachers, nurses and etc. And also we promote advance and encourage and/or aid in helping, promoting advancing and encouraging primary, secondary and other education including technical and medical education for the students belonging to the lower strata of the society. And that will make opportunities and helpings for students to attain different professional courses with scholarships and stipends at professional colleges of Kerala and outside of the state. We promote and report job opportunities and give career guidance and admissions for the professional courses. And for tuition fees, travelling, boarding and lodging expenses for students going abroad or outside the state of Kerala for higher, commercial and technical education.