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  • The aim of LDS is to work for the spiritual, cultural, Economical, Educational and social development of both organized and unorganized sectors, well being of their families.
  • The LDS make their love of God visible in their effort to promote justice, truth, and love in their social malice.
  • LDS aims to eradicate suicide attempt and provide tele-counseling for the needy persons.
  • To instill awareness among the younger’s about consumption of alcohol.
  • To conduct study tours and training program for the students and teachers.
  • To provide facilities to get information regarding employment opportunities.
  • To promote other charitable societies or trusts to undertake Housing Schemes, Self Help Schemes etc for the unorganized groups and tribal groups.
  • To encourage unorganized workers to start small-scale industries, credit unions, self help groups etc for the welfare of their family.
  • To promote and conduct the welfare programs of women and children
  • To conduct and promote blood donation forums and organs donation forums etc.